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    Tips to make your Facebook account Safer

    hings you MUST do and things you MUST NOT Despite of the low Information Technology literacy in Nepal, we find most of the people of all generation going through latest version of handheld devices embedded with social apps the most preferred the Facebook App. No doubt today Facebook is the fastest growing social networking site. […]

  • shopping

    Popular Online Marketplaces in Nepal (2016)

    With advancement in Technology and more reach of people towards Internet, Online Shopping to some extent, is taking over the traditional way of shopping. Online shopping not only saves time and maybe few liters of petrol but also provide with best shopping experience with just a gadget with available internet connection. Facebook isn’t the only […]

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    How to choose best ISP in Nepal?

    According to ISPAN, there are total 43 registered ISP in Nepal. The tremendous increase in number of Wireless Internet Service (WiFi) providers has left customers baffled as to how to choose the best ISP . So, this article is my attempt to review Internet Service Provider in Nepal with price so that it will help […]

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    Connecting Windows Apps using Azure App Service

    Hello Cloud Developers  , in this tutorial i will show you how to connect your apps to SQL using Azure App Service. Lets deep dive into it.   1. What is App Service ? 2. Creating App Service 3. Creating API and Tables 4. Connecting App Service to a Windows App (For this demo I will […]

  • ict

    ICT in Nepal

    Nepal is the country locked by the largest two countries India and China. The variation in the structure is also another geographical identification of Nepal.  Although it is small in map but we are always survive under the various large problems. Today, we have ability to talk about different technology either about past, present or […]

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    ICT Implementation Challenges in Nepal

    Information and communication technology to provide citizen and organizations with more convenient access to government information and services and to provide delivery of public services to citizen, business partners, and those working in the public sector. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve the activities of public sector organizations. ICT has very significant role in […]

  • figfour

    Colored Pencils effect with Gimp 2.8 and G’MIC

    Too much perfection is not so attractive. Yes, I am talking about digital design works. They are too much perfect. We get perfect gradients but no texture looks. How about merging the better of both worlds? Thanks to #gimp and one of his plugins #G’MIC. Here I will be stimulating a very cool effect. Lets […]

  • how-to-check-whether-your-antivirus-825x510

    How to know whether your Antivirus is working perfectly or not

    You might be wandering lots of sites searching for the Antivirus to detect malware of computer, sometimes it detect your problem and recover but even if you installed the Antivirus how can you be sure that your installed antivirus are doing their job perfectly. Now the time is not like previous, the virus is flattering […]

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